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Keynote Speakers

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  • Jerry Cotter: Speaking at the Flood Expo 2016

    Jerry Cotter
    United States Army Corps of Engineers

    United State Army Corps of Engineers Water Management Program with Regional Flooding Highlights

  • Professor Dragan Savic: Speaking at the Flood Expo 2016

    Professor Dragan Savic
    University of Exeter

    Urban flood modelling and risk visualisation in 3D

  • Simon Crowther: Speaking at the Flood Expo 2016

    Simon Crowther
    MD at Flood Protection Solutions

    Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

  • Nick Chrissos: Speaking at the Flood Expo 2016

    Nick Chrissos
    Head of Innovation Technology at Cisco

    CONSERVE, Contingency Operations for Strategic Infrastructure and the Vulnerable

  • Brendan McCafferty: Speaking at the Flood Expo 2016

    Brendan McCafferty
    CEO of Flood Re

    How Flood Re works and what people need to know

  • Mary Dhonau: Speaking at the Flood Expo 2016

    Mary Dhonau
    CEO of the ‘Know Your Flood Risk’ campaign

    Factoring in residual risk at individual property level

  • Nick Reynard: Speaking at the Flood Expo 2016

    Nick Reynard
    CEH – (Centre for Ecology & Hydrology)

    UK floods past present and future

  • David Ramsbottom: Speaking at the Flood Expo 2016

    David Ramsbottom
    Technical Director at HR Wallingford

    Flood risk management in a variable and changing climate

  • Doug Wilson: Speaking at the Flood Expo 2016

    Doug Wilson
    Environment Agency

    Learning from winter 15/16 and next steps

  • Paul Cobbing: Speaking at the Flood Expo 2016

    Paul Cobbing
    Chief Executive of the National Flood Forum

    After the Floods – where are communities now?

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  • FloodKit Ltd: Copa Chiro Exhibitor

    FloodKit Ltd

    Stand No: F131

  • YGGS Ltd: Copa Chiro Exhibitor

    YGGS Ltd

    Stand No: F411

  • Centre for Ecology & Hydrology: Copa Chiro Exhibitor

    Centre for Ecology & Hydrology

    Stand No: F446

  • Hambaker Adams Ltd: Copa Chiro Exhibitor

    Hambaker Adams Ltd

    Stand No: F142

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