Exhibiting at the the Flood Expo


AquaFence was founded in Norway in 1999 and
now sells its products worldwide. Its mission has
always been to offer state of the art removable flood barriers that are
secure and can be relied upon in emergency situations, but kept out of
sight at all other times.
AquaFence has developed its temporary removable flood protection
systems in cooperation with national and international flood protection
programs. Our list of customers include both commercial and municipal
customers spanning across The United States of America, Europe and Asia.
The products are highly competitive with respect to price and usability.
They have many benefits over alternative medium and large scale flood
protection solutions, such as the traditional sandbag walls and other
temporary solutions.
In the US alone, AquaFence removable flood panels are protecting more
than $10 billion worth of real estate as well as cities and public utilities.
AquaFence was awarded the highest level USA ANSI Certification in 2013
after more than one year of testing of the system by US ARMY Corps of
Engineers as well as parts testing and production review by FM Global.

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