Exhibiting at the the Flood Expo


We are launching a new temporary flood barrier.
The product is a mobile protection system, based on eco-design. It allows:
- Water diversion
- Protection of endangered area by the rise in the water level
- Liquid material storage
- Liquid material recuperation
Within a very short time of installation (mounting and dismounting), this system can set up a barrier by fitting together identical sections positioned in the longitudinal way side by side. The construction forms a protection system that can be placed over all kind of ground, fasten or not to the ground by specifics screws.
This system can carry out a free standing construction. The whole construction results as a configurable system, according to the user, the situation and the ground.

Target applications are wide and determined by the system use flexibility :
- Absorb and deviate to a storage area
- Protect public and industrial sizeable utilities, region area and buildings
- Protect main roads (road, rail road...) from cross shore currents
- Hold in place the main roads

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