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Dai Chen Watertight Gate Technology Co., Ltd.

Keep floods away from you!

Dai Chen was founded in 1980. Originally it was an aluminum window company. As the company grew stronger, it expanded its product line to include flood gate systems in 1998. After a few years of research and development, Dai Chen has developed the highest quality and most trusted flood gate system- Demountable Flood Panel DCAM-01 in Taiwan, which obtained not only Taiwan patents, Japan patent and US patent, but also approved by FM Approvals.
In 2008, Dai Chen was invited by the government of Taipei City to perform a flood prevention exercise to achieve the gold medal for the International invention competition. Since then, Dai Chen has successfully helped thousands of commercial, industrial and private buildings and assets in Taiwan against the damage caused by floods. With thousands of happy customers including EVA Transportation Group, Taiwan Plastic Group, Taipei & Kaohsiung Transit System, Taiwan Nuclear Power Plants, Dai Chen has become the most trusted and respected flood protection company in Taiwan. Spread by satisfied customers, Dai Chen flood protection products were then introduced and provided to Japan, the US, Thailand, Hong Kong, Macau, PRC, Indonesia, Australia, Vietnam, Philippines, Fiji and Turkey, helping the locals against floods.
Despite helping users against floods, Dai Chen was not satisfied with the performance of its best-selling product- Demountable Flood Panel DCAM-01. Thanks to the dissatisfaction of spending times turning knobs to tighten flood panels, a faster handle turning version that can be done in seconds- DCAM-02 was brought about after several times of trying and testing. If you're suffered from floods and are looking for a short time operating demountable flood panel, Dai Chen will be waiting for you in stand No. B4 and waiting for the opportunity of showing you how DCAM-02 and other flood protection products can keep floods away from you.

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