Exhibiting at the the Flood Expo


For more than 35 years, we have been delivering high-performance pumps for the water pumping sector. We provide innovative motor pump groups with a high added value.

We have concrete answers to contemporary flooding needs and responds to modern pumping problems with a full range of technologically advanced Pumps and Multifunctional units.

Our high performance machines combine extensive customization, innovative design, new and functional solutions offering at same time remarkably reduced consumption.

Multifunctional unit LAMPO Emergency system joins in one single machine 5 fundamental instruments for the prompt action: generator, tower light, self priming pump, air compressor and fast-trolley. Studied to be used in any case of natural disasters, Lampo is synonymus of versatility and permits to take action in all challenges. It can be used in all sectors Emergency, Municipality, Mining, Building, Agriculture.

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