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FloodFrame A/S

FloodFrame is a new effective solution that protects homes against the damages of flooding.

FloodFrame is an effective and simple solution that protects homes, warehouses, public and other buildings against the damages of flooding.

FloodFrame works automatically driven by the force of the water.

A waterproof cloth wraps and protects the building as high as the water reaches. The cloth is placed in a pre-installed box installed around the building about 50 cm from the walls. When the water rises an automatic device, like on a lifesaving vest, automatically push the cloth out of the box and onto the ground. The advancing water then push the cloth towards and up the walls of the building protecting it as high as the water reaches.

No electricity is needed and you do not need to be present to assist. When not in use FloodFrame cannot be seen, so it does not spoil the view or the garden.

We are present on the Danish marked and in the US, in Texas and Louisiana. We are looking for partners to help us bring FloodFrame to UK customers and other relevant marked.

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