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PIONEERING anti-flood and leak device FloodSax is now becoming synonymous with the word `save`.
The reason why is it saves money, time, space, damage, clean-up costs ... and an awful lot of hassle.
Sandbags are no longer the cheaper option. There are colossal manpower costs in manufacturing them in the first place using up one of the earth`s natural resources and then they have to be stored in vast warehouses.
Dust and grime from the sand contaminate anything else in the warehouse and sandbags deteriorate over time and so need replacing.
And when they are needed a massive logistical operation must swing into action involving lorries, manpower ... and something most people don`t have when floods strike - time.
Once at the flood scene, traditional sandbags tend to let water through. Odd shapes, uneven bags and poor stacking make sandbags ill-suited to the task.
And after the floods have receded the clean-up costs to get rid of the sandbags and spilled sand can be horrendous.
But FloodSax sandless sandbags can save all this. They:
• Save storage costs: FloodSax are vacuum-packed to protect them and keep storage space to a minimum, weighing just 7 ounces each before they are energised in contact with water to weigh 20 kilos. FloodSax take up only a small fraction of the space of an equivalent amount of sandbags. Just one case of FloodSax equals 900lbs of sand.
• Save on deployment: A single pick-up truck could take the equivalent of 12,600lbs of sand to a flood scene. FloodSax are so lightweight and easy to use even the frail and elderly can deploy them to protect their homes both inside and out.
• Save damage: FloodSax expand evenly to fit tightly against each other and walls, making the protection more watertight.
• Clean-up savings: Spilled sandbags can cause serious environmental problems and are a costly headache to clean up but FloodSax last for around three months and are then biodegradable which means they can be disposed of in landfill sites.

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