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Established in 1989, Formpave is a world authority in SuDS using permeable paving. Our systems clean and drain surface water run-off in a controlled way and can also store the water for non-potable purposes such as flushing lavatories, watering plants and washing cars.
Aquaflow SuDS attenuation system
The Aquaflow Attenuation system consists of a permeable paving surface on top of a graded stone laying course. An upper layer of Inbitex Geotextile is used for separation, filtration and pollution control. Next is a graded sub-base stone that allows storage of collected storm water. This is sealed by an impervious membrane creating a tank within the excavation. The collected storm water is then released at a controlled rate to the watercourse or can be reused in conjunction with rain water harvesting systems. This system can be used on domestic and commercial projects.

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