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Geoline Water Filled Flood Barrier

The Water Filled Flood Barrier System helps to prevent or at least reduce storm and flood damage and their economic costs.
This flood defence system guarantees fast assembly of temporary flood barriers and their simple and flexible use.

The rapid and easy disassembly and removal, together with good storability and additional assets of this reusable system make it the ideal solution to a temporary problem.

The portable tubewall flood barriers are FASTER, STRONGER and BETTER at preventing water seepage. These heavy-duty, water-filled flood barriers create a temporary dam to prevent flood damage.

Water-filled flood barriers are quick and easy to set-up when you need a fast response to a potential flooding situation, and to remove when the risk of flooding has passed, which is significantly more efficient and effective in comparison to traditional sand bags.

The water-filled inflatable flood barriers can be moved easily and quickly from one location to another as required, and are very fast to assemble wherever they are needed.

The water-filled tubes have a patented system to join together, end to end, to create a single continuous dam that is as long as you need it to be. The special joint system prevents water leakage, and keeps the dam Water Tight!!!

The temporary barriers are completely independent, and do not require any permanent or long-term extra structures or support. So when they are no longer needed they can be easily and quickly removed and stored safely until they are needed again.

Furthermore, the Tubewall Flood Barriers from Geoline are reusable, so are a great investment in situations where the risk of repeat flood is high, year after year.

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