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Permia Ltd

Next generation permeable pavement - high-strength clogging resistant Kiacrete. Kiacrete by Permia Ltd is a novel permeable pavement that offers high drainage, superior strength and resistance to clogging for the most demanding applications. It is engineered with uniform pore structure of low tortuosity by introducing straight pore channels in self-compacting cementitious material. The total porosity, number and size of pores can be tailored to application via a unique processing method that is scalable and suitable for on-site or off-site construction. Rigorous lab testing supported by mathematical modelling found superior performance compared to conventional permeable concretes. Kiacrete is at least twice as strong (> 50 MPa) and ten times more permeable (> 2 cm/s) than conventional systems at equal porosity. More significantly, Kiacrete does not clog despite extensive cyclic exposure to flow containing sediments of varying size. All conventional systems tested clogged completely after a few cycles of sediment exposure. Kiacrete is more durable, requires less maintenance and its superior performance enables a wider range of applications than currently possible for urban flood resilience.

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