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National Oceanography Centre

Our main mission as the National Oceanography Centre is to make sense of changing seas, upon which future human prosperity and wellbeing depends. The way in which we intend to achieve our mission is by

Undertaking internationally competitive marine science research in an Earth system context with a long-term focus - working with others for the effective translation of new and existing knowledge into demonstrably high societal benefit
Manage, develop, coordinate and innovate high quality large research infrastructure, equipment pools, facilities, databases and other science, enabling functions for the benefit of the whole UK science community to deliver excellent science with impact.

This mission embraces:

Advancing knowledge of marine systems through world-class, multi-disciplinary research - especially where long-term vision and commitment at global or regional-scale is needed
Innovation, development and timely uptake of ocean measurement technologies
Expertise for assimilation and translation of new and existing knowledge and technologies into beneficial impact for the UK economy and society, by creating new business opportunities and providing the best available evidence for decisions - marine industries are worth £50 billion gross added value to the UK economy and even more economic activity depends indirectly on the sea
Stewardship of, and accessibility to, irreplaceable marine data and information assets - planning, operation and access to large research infrastructure: research ships and major oceanographic equipment; for use by the UK science community
Providing a focus for national and international issues affecting the UK marine science community and its stakeholders.

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