Exhibiting at the the Flood Expo

Scanprobe Techniques Ltd

Scanprobe Techniques are a UK manufacturer of pushrod pipeline inspection camera systems. Based in Surrey, our distribution network spans the globe, with our flagship product, the Maxprobe making waves in the USA, Australasia, Europe and South Africa.
Designed, manufactured and assembled in the UK, our camera systems have been designed & developed with the user in mind, and so incorporate smart design features and functionality such as WiFi, a IP54 rating, sunlight-readable display and multiple embedded reporting systems. With the Maxprobe you don`t just do the job, you do the job well.

At the other end of the spectrum we have our latest product offering, the TrapJumper. Released late in 2018 it has been making waves already, with some customers saying "We'd be lost without this bit of kit now". A handheld system which has the flexibility to navigate tight bends yet still has the strength to be pushed the distance, whilst operating with the same Maxprobe control box, the TrapJumper has been designed with the engineer in mind.

We look forward to meeting you and letting you give them a go on our stand, so please come and say hello!

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