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SDS designs, manufactures and installs sustainable water management systems.

Innovation is at the heart of what we do. Every SDS solution is intelligently engineered to secure and protect our precious water environment effectively and efficiently.

Twenty years ago we started with a great idea: our GEOlight® geo-cellular stormwater attenuation and infiltration system. Now SDS is the UK`s leader in Sustainable Drainage Systems with a broad product portfolio that includes solutions for stormwater treatment and storage, rainwater harvesting and grey water recycling.

We help our customers, in the UK and around the world, to mitigate both flooding, through the management of surface water runoff, and drought, through the reuse and recycling of rain- and grey- water. Our systems are used across a broad range of infrastructure projects, from residential, commercial and industrial developments to highways, transportation and manufacturing.

Our systems are engineered to be practical and cost-effective. We ensure that they reflect industry best practice, are future-proofed by meeting both existing and anticipated legislation and regulatory controls, and that they continue to perform as designed throughout a long operating life.

Our customers depend on us, because we take responsibility for each element of a project from specification, design and manufacture to delivery, installation and maintenance.

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