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Active Flood Seal by StormMeister

StormMeister® Flood Protection was founded in the UK in 2010 with the specific aim of solving the problems presented by conventional flood doors which are difficult to operate. StormMeister® director Malcolm Snape is an engineer with over 30 years` experience of manufacturing products for the construction industry and it was whilst working in the Tropical Rain Forest of West Africa he came up with the idea using flood water pressure to seal flood doors.

Since that beginning StormMeister® has been dedicated to designing and producing not only flood doors but a wide range of user friendly flood protection products to protect commercial and residential property within flood risk areas. Flood defence solutions for residential and commercial properties which are accessible to everyone, including the elderly, infirm and disabled.

Conventional flood protection products use conventional technology which is often difficult to operate relying on handle pressure. Doors need to be tightly locked whereas StormMeister® doors utilise flood water pressure and in everyday operation are no more difficult to lock than an ordinary door. Ease of operation means less strain on the locking mechanism meaning StormMeister® products last longer and can therefore be guaranteed for longer than conventional flood protection products.

In our purpose built testing and development facility we continually test for performance, user friendliness and reliability offering a wide range of flood protection products including the StormMeister Low Threshold Flood Resistant Door which is unique in the world in offering both flood protection and wheelchair access.

Composite and timber impact resistant flood doors have recently been added to the StormMeister range and these flood doors also incorporate the StormMeister patented Active Flood Seal. StormMeister has formed alliances with four major door manufacturers and consequently in terms of flood door manufacturing we are by far the largest in the industry. Because we use our patented Active Flood Seal all StormMeister flood doors are operated by normal handles rather than the elongated 'wrecking bar' handles that are common to all other flood doors.

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