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THE Plastic Piling Company Ltd

The Hammerman Equipment Plastic Piling Company is a leading UK authority on plastic piling and associated piling equipment. Whilst we have been involved in one form or another with plastic piling for over 20 years, it is primarily over the last 10 years that we have become a market leader in the supply of plastic sheet piles.

Our Plastic Piling range brings together the proven benefits of plastic, to piling applications, and extends the benefits of piling to a whole new range of applications; from traditional retaining, revetments and seawalls to landscaping, erosion control, conservation and drainage applications. Within the contest of Flood management our products have served as cut-off structures, flood fences, environmental ditch blocking and contingency emergency repairs of seawalls.

Our Plastic Piling range exclusively includes the latest hybrid technology combining plastic, timber, steel and concrete. In 2018, we introduced the new SuperLock GRpvc pile, a pvc sheet pile with added benefit of GRP located specifically at the corners, flanges, and interlocks - this ensures the best combination of performance and cost.

We are also the EU distributors for THE JETFilter, which uses the highly rated Filter-weave to prevent soil loss while draining excess water.

The JET Filter maintains long-term flow rates in high gradient and dynamic conditions and relieves the hydrostatic pressures created by rain water as well as tidal surges trapped behind erosion control structures. The Jet Filter System will facilitate drainage and reduce water pressure while still preventing the loss of soil materials through the structure thus preventing erosion and wall failure.

We are also developing our range if piling equipment, including piling mandrels, mini piling vibrators, air hammers and handheld pile and post drivers. This equipment is available for hire and sale, and this soon will be put through our new subsidiary Aldridge Piling Equipment (Hire) Company Limited which will further develop our plant hire activities. There is a separate page for the activities of that business.

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