Exhibiting at the the Flood Expo

UK Rainwater Management Association

By helping to reduce future flood and drought risks, water re-use is becoming of steadily increasing importance in our response to the water-related implications of the changing weather patterns.

The agricultural sector is one of the first to respond to these changes, increasingly needing to invest in the storage of winter rainfall to ensure adequacy of supply to meet summer requirements. Properly planned and integrated, storing rainfall in this way can significantly reduce downstream flood risks.

Taking a similar water re-use approach on new urban developments results in the same dual-benefits of helping to reduce pressures on water supplies, whilst also reducing flood risk.

The UK Rainwater Harvesting Association champions taking an integrated approach to fllod and drought risks, advocating that both are always considered together, rather than in isolation.

The Association also represents the water re-use sector, including the rainwater harvesting and greywater recycling technologies, which play a beneficial role in reducing the demand for mains-water, whilst also helping to address flood risks.

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