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Vaspba Remote Piloted Systems Ltd.

Complete Remote Piloted Systems For Sale or Hire.

We at VASPBA Remote Pilot Systems (RPS) pride ourselves in the professionalism afforded from being a mix of ex Royal Naval and civilian personnel. Our specialist Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS), Unmanned Underwater Systems (UUS) and Unmanned Surface Vehicles (USV) allow a unique opportunity for our customers to either purchase or employ us to carry out work for them.

From Photography, videography or surveying we can adapt to our customer`s needs. We are fully licensed and insured with added flexibility to work at night and in wind and rain, with our special permissions night licence and our swellpro waterproof drone.

We also offer bespoke packages for warranty repair and servicing of our sold systems.

We currently sell a variety of UAS and UUS drones. We stock Waterproof drones and accessories plus underwater drones and commercial drones.

We also have a bespoke buying service available with a variety of other UAS, UUS, and USV. For this we can source different Remote Piloted Systems from already partnered manufacturers to specific requirements and budgets. Packages could include the purchase of a RPS, aftersales support, servicing and repair. Please contact us. for more details.

At VASPBA RPS we offer a variety of UAS, UUS and USV services for hire. Whether its Photography of property and landscapes or video and surveying. We can carry out underwater inspections of boat hulls or docksides and pontoons saving customers £££`s in potential divers or lifting boats out of the water.

A new service is Crime and Accident scene investigation photography. This is a 24/7 service that can be activated for rapid photography of crime or accident scenes with footage available for court and insurance purposes. We have the expertise to carry out work in all-weather situations. Our fully waterproof drone can fly in almost all weather meaning we can film almost all situations.

Our professional team of qualified CAA approved pilots can undertake a variety of aerial work. Our fleet of drones comprises of commercial photography drones and our specialist fully waterproof all weather drone.

We have full public liability insurance and permission for aerial work (PfAW) from the CAA.

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