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StormMeister Flood Protection

StormMeister Flood Protection are world leaders in flood product development. We are unique in our involvement in the development of flood protection products which are user friendly to everyone including the elderly, infirm and disabled and are the only flood company in the world to have successfully created a wheelchair friendly low threshold flood door.
StormMeister Flood Protection manages to stay ahead of the curve with a commitment to ongoing innovation and staff development. In real terms, this means dedicated innovation staff working on multiple ground-breaking new developments such as our flood resistant garage door and our new StormMeister flood resistant timber and composite doors. We strive for excellence in all that we do and therefore our products are continually tested and upgraded, thereby ensuring that even our existing products remain the best on the market.

StormMeister® Flood Doors the only Flood Door with an Active Flood Seal ™

The seal is factory fitted all the way around the door giving ongoing flood protection well beyond 600mm. There is the added bonus of protection from rainwater ingress which is a big problem with conventional flood doors only flood sealed around the bottom 600mm. As you will be all too well aware driving rain blows in higher up the door and drops down to the bottom of the door behind the flood seal. StormMeister Active Flood Seal all the way around the door means no more unhappy customers on the phone asking why their flood door lets rainwater in! There`s also no need for elongated `wrecking bar` handles, the property can be flood protected without advertising to every passer-by the property is in a flood risk area.

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