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Wednesday 16th 10am - 5pm

Thursday 17th 10am - 5pm

September 2020


Unlocking sites through flood resilient Planning

Unlocking Sites Through Flood Resilient Planning


As the motor-car influenced 50’s planning, it is water and climate change that will influence the next generation of city and townscape designs. Yet as policy adapts to these needs, so must designers, planners and builders equip themselves with new tools and skills, to meet these challenges.

The ‘Unlocking sites through flood resilient Planning’ workshop will be led by Richard Coutts (Team Principle of Baca Architects), which will:

 • Help you understand your site, including any flood risk.

 • Identify policy constraints and planning opportunities.

 • Provide simple urban design principles to help you unlock your site.

 • Consider the SUDS (Sustainable Urban Drainage)

 • Explain the necessity of safe access and egress to and from a site.

 • And when flood risk can not be entirely designed out – how to select appropriate resilience measures which will protect buildings and critical infrastructure

 • This planning approach will be brought together in a participatory workshop where you can test these principles on a challenging site.

The session will conclude with a review of our collective findings.

This 30 minute session will take place in Theatre 5 on Wednesday 12th at 11:00 and Theatre 4 on Thursday 13th at 11:00, and has limited offered spaces.

Slot Places left
Wednesday 11:00 30
Thursday 11:00 37

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