Non Return Valves

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Changing rainfall patterns and more concentrated urbanisation are leading to increasingly overloaded sewage networks. A Water UK report suggests that the misuse of sewers, using the kitchen sink as a bin for food waste or fats, oils and greases which solidify in the pipes, potentially creating blockages like the notorious fatberg is on the rise.

Pipe misconnections in domestic plumbing is also a problem becoming increasingly highlighted by the water companies. Rainwater and foul sewage waste pipes are linked to the wrong wastewater pipes in the ground. These cause two separate problems: rainwater being emptied into and overloading the foul sewers, causing flooding at times of extreme rainfall; and sewage being discharged directly to local watercourses via pipes that are meant to carry rainwater.

The easiest and most economic solution to avoid the potential health hazards and flooding is the installation of a Non Return Valve. Typical applications include under-dimensioned sewage networks with new building being connected on a previous main sewer operating at a high flow rate. Private discharge systems channeled to public sewers equipped with pumping stations, and especially low-lying areas, where rainwater is channeled downstream to the main sewer, making it liable to flash-floods after heavy rainfall. They are also useful in preventing rodent ingress.


The Ottima Non Return valve is an innovative solution becoming popular within property maintenance as it features no metal parts, except a stainless steel anti-rodent device, meaning minimal corrosion, and a maximised lifespan. It is designed for full inspection, disassembly and re-assembly without using tools. A lever seal replaces screws and due to its internal design, every part can be easily removed and repositioned by hand.

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