IWJS Handles Tough Sewer Clearance in SE1

Words by Peter Hague of IWJS

Thames Water was faced with a very difficult and potentially an extremely expensive sewer problem.

A solution was at hand, courtesy of   IWJS, for major client Thames. The serviceability of the sewer at Waterloo in London had become severely affected by 8 cubic meters of C40 high strength, heavy construction grade cement. Presenting potentially enormous civil engineering costs for the client and caused major disruption. As the sewer was in a highly busy central London area, it was difficult to rectify the problem without affecting traffic flows for long periods. IWJS was tasked by Thames to come up with a more creative, cost-effective solution, without resorting to a radical and hugely expensive civil engineering intervention.

A comprehensive sewer survey was made initially by IWJS, to ascertain the full extent of the problem, a full sewer clean was scheduled. This following careful removal of the concrete and silt from the 1.2 meters elliptical profile sewer 160 meters in length. IWJS examined the problem that required lateral thought and ingenuity to arrive at a solution. A creative approach proposed by IWJS, working collaboratively with civil engineering partners, offered the best and most effective solution. Thames Water commissioned IWJS to lead the project as the principal contractor working with First Intervention Team (F.I.T) and partners Amey and McAllister.

The safe removal of the tough concrete was laboriously slow. IWJS then carried out a full clean and made a further monitoring survey to ensure the line was completely free. The end result to restore the compromised sewer back to a free-flowing line was achieved successfully. Thames Water were delighted with the outstanding results achieved at minimal cost and disruption, gratefully acknowledging IWJS for their professionalism and skill in managing such a tough project.

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