AquaFence Used in Maintenance and Lowering of the Birsig Drain Within the Birsigtunnel

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Using the patented AquaFence technology, we have created a highly versatile solution for diverting/controlling waterways both underground and in the open. The solution enables engineered renovation and construction work.

AquaFence has delivered multiple, highly efficient projects and is currently working with multinational engineering companies to deliver high profile projects.

Basel is an example of one of the projects AquaFence have done, that has been very successful.

Industry Issue

Public utilities needed maintenance to ensure proper functionality and avoid costly or dangerous consequences in cases of system failures. In the case of river tunnels, these are often constantly filled with water, and therefore both difficult and dangerous to work in, due to the threat of water levels rapidly rising. Yet, these river tunnels must be maintained and dimensioned properly to ensure that the above ground area is not flooded by the incoming river.

Flood site

The city of Basel has one such river tunnel running under the city and 1,4km of this tunnel was in need of maintenance and the tunnel entrance needed enlargement to increase the inlet capacity.

Their goal was to funnel the incoming river water along one side of the tunnel to make a dry and safe zone where maintenance and repairs could be done. And they require a solution which would stay functioning for the entire of the maintenance project, which was planned to take two years.


AquaFence was provided with a wide range of drawings of the tunnel, which helped us grasp the layout and various challenges throughout the tunnel. We conducted two site reviews to ensure all details and challenges were orderly considered and documented.


To fully protect the workers against the fast-moving river water, AquaFence delivered a combination of standard barriers and custom engineered barriers, AquaFence delivered a combination of standard barriers and custom engineered barriers.

The project was cost optimized and AquaFence delivered 200 meters of flood mitigation equipment to the city of Basel. This allowed the project to be done in seven stages, tackling 200 meters of maintenance at the time.


The high safety margins in the AquaFence product design allowed the maintenance works to work safely from the several cubic meters of water running through the tunnel every second, and the simplicity of the product made it easy for the workers to understand and operate the flood barriers.


The high-quality marine grade plywood, stainless steel, and aluminum ensures the AquaFence barriers are up to the task and keep performing exceptionally throughout the two-year-long maintenance project.

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