IWJS Ltd CASE STUDY - Prevention’s better than Cure

Sewer, Drains and Culverts, their effective inspection and maintenance.  Local Authorities and Water Utilities are often faced with disruption and un-necessary expense from surface water flooding in winter.

This flooding is often caused by blocked surface water drains, culverts and main sewers. When in times of strict budgetary constraint, the wasteful expense of pumping out and the removal of surface flood water and the many additional blockages caused by it, usually can be avoided.

The root cause of numerous relatively minor, but highly disruptive localised flash flood episodes;  can often be mitigated or even eliminated by the prudent maintenance of sewers, roadside drains and culverts. By adequate scheduled inspection and cleaning of these during the summer and early autumn, this will often alleviate what can be very costly local winter flood events. With the adverse effects caused from localised flooding disrupting traffic, costing business and threatening the daily lives of the public in general.

Industrial Water Jetting Systems (IWJS) Ltd, offers a full range of drain and sewer inspection and maintenance services to reduce the risk from flooding, demonstrated graphically by the following case study in London SE1.

The client was presented with what seemed an enormously expensive sewer blockage, caused by the illegal dumping of high strength construction grade C40 cement into the sewer. Potentially this risked digging up the road to access the deep sewer, disrupting traffic and business in an extremely busy part of central London for possibly several weeks.

After a thorough remote robotic technical inspection of the affected sewer. IWJS was able to offer a novel and innovative approach to lessen the impact of the problem for the client to dramatically reduce both the time and cost. As principle project manager, IWJS worked with key civils contractors to cap off the sewer flow temporarily to give access to mining teams who laboriously removed the cement obstruction underground. Coupled with effective traffic management and night working on the surface to minimalise the inevitable disruption to business and the public. The result was the effective removal of the blockage by IWJS and full renovation of the sewer in record time. Saving significant time and money to the delight of the major water utility client.

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