Topbond safely builds in challenging environments.

Providing construction services in challenging environments is second nature to Topbond.

Topbond specialises in delivering civil engineering schemes in the river, coastal or land-based environments where safety and environmental considerations are paramount. By combining energy and passion together with innovative construction solutions and utilising an extensive range of company-owned assets, which includes specialist vessels and jack-up barges, Topbond is able to safely deliver a comprehensive range civil engineering projects.

Working as the Principal contractor on a recent scheme for a major industrial manufacturer on the tidal River Thames required extensive collaborative and flexible approaches to deliver the successful eighteen-month scheme. Critical to the success of the project was maintaining the capability for the client to have uninterrupted use of their port facility. This enabled our client to import and export components to their primary UK based engine manufacturing facility and to be able to import and export manufactured vehicles worldwide on a daily basis. Inevitably, the safe loading and unloading of Ro-Ro vessels was time zone dependent upon appropriate tides, which additionally governed our construction of the works. We programmed our progress, keeping all stakeholders aware of the shift schedules to ensure unhindered use of the facility for our client.

The Ro-Ro jetty, which was approaching the end of its service life, required a comprehensive structural survey to ascertain the extent of the deterioration.

Utilising our company-owned safety boats and crew in combination with our modular pontoons to provide substantial work platforms we segregated the work areas into safe working zones. This enabled refurbishment operations to be accomplished and where appropriate the installation of new structural elements designed strengthen the Ro-Ro terminal. In the inter-tidal areas where the use of pontoons was height or space restricted, scaffolding was erected provide a safe working platform for our teams.

Hydro-demolition was employed to remove areas of defective concrete, which were then reinstated by dry spraying techniques using proprietary cementitious repair materials.

An innovative hybrid cathodic protection system was designed by specialists and installed by Topbond cathodic protection team to extend the service life of the (approximately) 80-year-old structure. The Ro-Ro ramp, linkspan and pontoon were refurbished to increase their working life. A new 4-metre-wide access bridge was designed and installed efficaciously enabling increased safe pedestrian access and egress.

To enable safe mooring, we diamond drilled through the deck of the jetty and installed a high capacity bollard.

Refurbishment of the adjacent timber jetty, including the installation of a navigation light with a solar-powered luminaire, completed this important jetty refurbishment scheme on the River Thames and enables the assets to be safeguarded for future generations.

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