Why use Pre-filled Sandbags?

Using pre-filled sand-bagging services has proven to be a success in time-saving for businesses and is an effective, speedy service when floods are commencing. As pre-filled sandbags are automatically filled, stitched, flattened then robotically stacked this allows for a fast turnaround, with thousands of both hessian, yellow and UV protected sandbags being delivered each week. We have learnt to keep our site heavily stocked with at least 100,000 sandbags ready to go, as flooding is an unexpected, natural event that can cause chaos in a matter of hours. The way we run and maintain our site enables us to deliver mass volumes of the highest quality and best value sandbags nationwide at any time.


As well as the fast turnaround on a large quantity of bags, another reason why using pre-filled is more effective during flood emergencies is due to the consistency in the sizing and weights of the sandbags. Many of our customers have commented on the effectiveness of using machinery in flood defence solutions, with one customer stating that ‘we had previously hand-filled our own employee’s. This proved to be demotivating, tedious, time-consuming and expensive for us as a business. It was taking three men over an hour to fill less than 90 sandbags, these were all different weights and were inconsistent in size… this proved to be less effective in providing flood defence, especially in emergency situations where hundreds of sandbags were required urgently.’


As we all know, sandbags alone are not an effective solution to stop the effects of flooding and do not create the most stable form of flood defence. However, having sandbags pre-prepared or ready to be delivered to you on a next day service by a simple two-minute phone call is guaranteed to hinder the drastic and awful effects that flooding on a home or business can have on owners. Using UV Protected Woven Polypropylene sandbags will create a longer-lasting defence against flooding, as they are heavy duty and are proven to last longer when exposed to the sun. A more environmentally friendly option is hessian sandbags, this material is biodegradable and will decompose over time. These sandbags are wildlife friendly and can be used to create flood defence walls around rivers, lakes and ponds.


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