Bespoke Monitoring Solutions Launched at the Flood Expo

Up until now if you wanted to monitor river, flood, trash screens in remote areas with patchy or no cellular coverage there was no alternative than to put in your own radio network or run miles of cables.

The phrase “Any Time Any Place Anywhere” is however now a reality thanks to the launch at the Flood Expo of Radio Data Networks’ LEO (Low Earth Orbit) satellite-based Flood monitoring solutions in partnership with US satellite giant Iridium.

Harnessing over 30-years of expertise delivering numerous award-winning solutions across the sector, UK based RDN have produced a range of dedicated and semi-custom solutions that permit the direct or wireless interface of sensors, plus the delivery of data from anywhere to anywhere without geographical bounds, without the need for dish antenna, line of sight to the equator or SIM cards.

Solutions include:

-River Level Monitoring
-Groundwater Level Monitoring
-Trash Screen Blinding
-Drainage Flood / Blockage Alarms
-Storm Overflow (CSO) Monitoring
-Pump Status Alarms
-Flap Valve Position Indicator

The founder of Radio Data Networks, Brian M Back said “With 66 LEO satellites orbiting the Earth 24/7/365 it is like having a mobile network where the masts move to you (16,689mph). Further, with a 100-minute orbit even if you are behind a hill or in a deep valley it is just a matter of a few minutes before a satellite is overhead.”

Importantly, LEO satellites are immune to the power cuts and lightning strikes that often accompany storms and blight terrestrial communications.

The RDN design team have also optimised the systems to permit long-term battery or solar operation, plus have a number of mounting solutions from pole-mounted enclosures through to roadside bollards.

Finally, there are no SIM cards to get stolen and the need to worry about network upgrades/obsolescence especially during the 5G rollout.

For further details, please contact our sales department or visit on stand 4E22.