Green Infrastructure, River Restoration & Flood Protection - Flex MSE®

Flex MSE is perfect for flood prevention, culvert headwalls, unstable stream and river banks, and the long but sinking coastline. Flex MSE is ideal for anywhere land meets water

Flex MSE’s resilient green structures not only improve water quality, they repair damage to fragile natural areas, public assets and private property.

Sites like Rode Bridge, a Scheduled Ancient Monument built around 1777, is vulnerable to being damaged when the River Frome rises high during times of flood and water cannot smoothly pass through the bridge’s two main middle arches. 

Incorporating Flex MSE improves flows through the bridge will create more flood capacity, prevent flood waters backing up in the Frome’s floodplain and benefit the adjoining and recently refurbished inn The Mill at Rode.

The scheme designed and delivered for Somerset Rivers Authority by the Environment Agency, Michael Lake, EA project manager, said:

“The innovative part of this scheme is that we’re using the Flex MSE bags to form the channel sides. This is more labour-intensive but it means we can work around mature trees without causing damage. The whole scheme will make much better use of Rode Bridge arches that had become partially blocked with earth, vegetation and debris.”

With a 120-year design life and installed in less than 2/3 of the time compared to traditional systems, the Environment Agency has identified multiple sites where Flex MSE will provide a perfect solution to their eroding assets.

The system lends itself to reclaiming original property lines, building up eroded property footprints along waterways, whilst preventing future erosion from wave and scour at 60% of the cost of other systems.

Building along the sensitive waterways and tributaries often limits the choice of building materials. The versatility and ease of installation make installing Flex MSE in water a simple solution for traditionally hard to access areas.

Flex MSE is also being adopted by Network Rail and Highways Authorities for slope stabilisation, as it offers a greener and more economical approach to protecting infrastructure assets.

 The Flex MSE system is presented by Gravitas International, offering technical and project support for all markets.  

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