Capable of tackling slopes of 55 degrees, ROBOCUT has a working range of 150m and is up to 25 times more productive than manual cutting.

Internationally renowned as a state-of-the-art slope mower, ROBOCUT is actually far more than just a green maintenance machine, offering a comprehensive range of attachments from a stump grinder to a snow blower.

Powered by a fuel-efficient 40hp Isuszu diesel engine, the machine can work for hours on a single tank of fuel and thrives in the toughest terrain.

Key features:

-Choice of 17 different attachments
-Proven Isuzu engine technology
-Responsive remote control unit
-150m working range
-Innovative low centre-of-gravity design
-Choice of high-grip tracks and spikes
-Light enough to fit on a trailer
-Easy-clean fan matrix
-Robust build quality

Access all areas

ROBOCUT thrives in the toughest terrain, making it easy to work on busy highways, embankments, railway sidings, steep-slopes or riverbanks. It ensures safe, productive working without risk to life and limb.


McConnel continues to expand its range of attachments, offering a tool for almost every challenge. From snow clearance to forestry, grass cutting to quarry maintenance, McConnel can provide a safe and productive remote control solution.


-Up to 25 times faster than manual cutting
-Tackles slopes up to 55 degrees
-More fuel efficient than a three-man strimming team
-Multi-functional remote control capability
-Proven engine technology delivers outstanding reliability
-Easy to use proportional controls
-Work safely outside danger zones