An aid to waterway and wetland management

Waterways, canals, lakes and ponds are often troubled by excessive weed growth, trash and silt build up. If left unmanaged can cause problems with navigation or more seriously can cause flooding. However, a lot of smaller, narrower waterways are hard to access. This is why it is important to choose the right equipment to help.

The Truxor range of amphibious machines and accessories allow access to waterway and wetland inaccessible to a conventional plant, such as:

- Waterways with a sloping bank – Due to the machines being on tracks they are able to enter and exit the waterway by walking, even on an incline.
- Smaller, narrow waterways – At 2.06m width, 4.7m length and 2.1m height weighing 1400kg the machines are small and light making accessing narrower canals and ponds achievable.
- Weed/Reedbed management – There is a range of simple to fit cutters, reed rakes and collectors designs specifically.
- Silt pumping - Pumps such as the ‘Doro Pump’ are designed to allow easy access to silt and can pump up to 300 meters into specified containers.

To find out more about this range of machines please see the contact information below:

Aquaclear Water Management