Underwater and Surface Engineering

Underwater and surface engineering is a very specialized service to the civil engineering and marine industries and can involve, for example, scour protection, confined space, installation of specialist equipment, inspection, repair, and maintenance as well as emergency works.

Underwater technology is crucial, together with being equipped with the most up-to-date equipment and keeping abreast with new innovations and technology, which is ever expanding.

Northern Divers (Engineering) Ltd have worked on a wide variety of marine projects and always prioritize customer satisfaction and cost-effectiveness. We are also lateral thinkers and are able to help develop projects in a variety of practical ways including early re-design of component parts to allow the safe and practical installation by trained diving personnel, thus leading to cost and time-saving on projects. By utilizing our skills we have collaborated with some renowned companies across the globe in wind farm projects, marine projects, environmental projects and shipping and pipeline construction.

In today’s corporate world, we find that many projects are being designed and managed by office personnel who are not experienced within the underwater and surface engineering difficulties.  This is where it is crucial to utilize a specialist company as they will have the vast experience and knowledge required to enable a design to work.

We are able to meet any of our clients’ needs from being able to provide the offshore diving support to IMCA specifications, to offering a 24hr emergency shore-based call out service utilizing our mobile fleet of vehicle-mounted diving equipment to a very high standard. This also allows us to carry out a vast array of shore-based works for many civil engineering companies.


With the vast knowledge and experience that we hold, we are able to assist and give the correct and honest advice for all projects.

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