11 Reasons Why the Flood Expo is Unmissable

The Flood Expo is world's largest exhibition and conference designed to showcase the latest innovations that further the way flooding is predicted, prevented, and managed. 

There are hundreds of reasons why The Flood Expo is the must-attend event on the civil engineering calendar. However, we have compiled the top 11 reasons why over 2,500 flood professional and representative from the world’s largest and most relied-upon organisations return register for their Free Tickets and attend every year.

1. Revolutionise the Way You Predict, Prevent & Manage Floods

The Flood Expo offers you the industry’s most innovative suppliers, the latest products, the most revered insight, and the greatest networking opportunities all under one roof. You can't help but discover new solutions, revolutionary products, and invaluable industry insight.

2. More than 100 Inspiring & Educational Seminars

The Flood Expo 2017 features expert insight from an impressive programme of seminars. Speakers include Queen of Floods, Mary Dhonau OBE; TEN Ltd’s William Montgomery on how good storytelling can inspire flood action; the MoD’s Colonel Drummond on how the MoD responds to flooding; the University of Exeter and Centre for Water Systems’ Albert S Chen on flood risk modelling and assessment for community resilience; Ambiental’s Daniel Cook on flood risk policy changes and their impact on planning; and more.

3. Over 200 of the Industry's Most Innovative Suppliers 

Over 200 of the world's most innovative industry suppliers will fill ExCeL London on the 27th & 28th of September to showcase the latest innovations that further the way flooding is predicted, prevented, and managed. The Flood Expo offers you a unique opportunity to compare the latest products and strike up partnerships with suppliers that will transform the way you manage flood risk. 

4. Live Demonstrations on the River Thames 

The Flood Expo’s strategic location along the River Thames enables the 200-plus exhibitors to show-off their latest breakthroughs set to revolutionise the flood sector. From the most cutting-edge flood defence and preventative products to rescue crafts and heavy-duty flood management equipment, the event’s programme of live demonstrations will reveal how flooding will be predicted, prevented, and managed in 2018 and beyond.

5. Live Interactive Debates 

Ever wanted to pick the brain of one of your industry’s big players? The Flood Expo 2017 is one of those occasions where you can do just that. This year’s show has a scintillating schedule of interactive live debates - each featuring a panel of industry experts for you to quiz and question. This is your chance to get the issues that are important to you heard! 

6. Zones Dedicated to The Areas That Matter

This year’s Flood Expo has put extra emphasis on the areas that matter most. Flood prediction technology, prevention solutions, management products, rescue equipment, and more have all been enhanced to make this year’s show the most comprehensive in the industry. 

7. Unrivalled Networking Opportunities 

Whatever your background and expertise, expanding your network is an activity that never should be neglected. Over 2,500 industry professionals will funnel into ExCeL London on the 27th & 28th September. Don’t miss the chance to meet the professionals sculpting the industry and your future business activities.

8. Collecting CPD Points 

Invaluable industry insight is not the only thing gained from sitting in on one of Flood Expo’s unmissable seminars - but also coveted CPD points. The Flood Expo’s schedule of seminars is perfect for all industry professionals looking to add to their skills and knowledge. 

9. Become 2020 flood-ready before anyone else 

With over 200 of the most innovative suppliers, 100 expert-led seminars, interactive debates, live demonstrations on the River Thames, and over 2,500 flood professionals in attendance, booking your Free Ticket today will give you the opportunity to discover the next innovation set to change the way you predict, prevent and manage floods.

10. Your Free Ticket Gives You Access all Areas

Your Free Ticket not only gains you access to the Flood Expo 2017, but also the Marine & Coastal Civil Engineering Expo, the Geotechnical & Geoenvironmenatl Expo, the Land Remediation Expo, the Hazardous Materials Expo, the Spill Response Expo, the Clean Air Technology Expo, and the Nuclear Decommissioning & Remediation Expo next door.

11. It’s All Completely FREE! 

Complimentary tickets for this year’s event are available but in limited supply. With all that the Flood Expo 2017 has on offer, it’s no surprise that these tickets are so highly sought-after in the industry. Booking your Free Ticket today could prove priceless.

Register for your free ticket here before they run out.