What are the aims & objectives of the NADC?

- To drive more business both as a direct result of being a member in the region you operate in and by creating new channels such as a National Helpline
- To make sure the views of the drainage industry are put to Government, its agencies, local authorities and other relevant organisations
- To provide training, certification and to promote drainage professionals at all times
- To provide commentary, guidance and advice on regulatory developments of relevance to members

Why should I join the NADC? - For the Industry, By the Industry

Until the NADC, with it's full certification scheme, there has never been a recognised body that solely has the interests of the drainage contracting contracting industry at the heart of its DNA.

The NADC is made up entirely of people actively working in the industry. In other words we, the drainage industry, all have a vested interest in securing a say in our future.

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