Flood Re

Recent large scale flood events highlight the impact of severe flooding, including the effect on those who struggle to find affordable home insurance.

Since 2000, flood insurance has been widely available to households at high risk of flooding due to a series of voluntary agreements between the Government and members of the Association of British Insurers (ABI).

These agreements did not address the affordability of the home insurance provided, however, and so the insurance companies and the Government worked together to develop a different way of dealing with flood insurance. They decided on a ‘flood re-insurance’ scheme – known as Flood Re – to help support households at highest flood risk. An important part of the Flood Re scheme is to provide information to consumers about how to increase their understanding of their level of flood risk and how they can take action to reduce that risk.

Flood Re will be in place for a further 23 years and is designed to:

enable flood cover to be affordable for those households at highest risk of flooding
increase availability and choice of insurers for customers
allow time for the Government, local authorities, insurers and communities to become better prepared for flooding; and
create a ‘level playing field’ for new entrants and existing insurers in the UK home insurance market.

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