Our membership reflects all aspects of drone business, including the blue light services, surveying, mapping and many other commercial areas.

The Association is the UK’s trade association for drones and our objectives are to:

● Promote professional and safe RPAS operations among a community of like-minded professionals and organisations sharing our Code of Conduct.
● Promote collaboration between members, end-user industries, academics and international industry associations to support market growth.
● Represent Members’ interests in the development of RPAS regulation, standards and practices through engagement with regulators, standards bodies, governments and other professional entities; nationally & internationally.
● Provide Members with up to date industry information & advice.
● Exploit ARPAS market position to secure membership benefits.
● Encourage and support research in unmanned aircraft systems and related data exploitation for the benefit of Members.

We work closely with the UK CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) and Government to promote fit for purpose regulation, to ensure safe and professional operation of remotely piloted aircraft and encourage best practice.

The Association works in the public interest, and advocates professionalism within its membership through compliance with an agreed Code of Conduct. The Association takes progressive stances on national issues to embed the RPAS profession in all end-user industries, to enable it to continue to grow in reputation and influence.

The Association welcomes new members and would be pleased to discuss membership benefits with prospective members. E-mail for more information or join via our website

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