Joint Managing Directors, David Wilson & Rachel Kearley, formed Avradel Ltd in June 2015.

Avradel Ltd has evolved from being a ‘best practice network’ aimed at both the public and private sectors within the UK, to being an international network company helping to connect the Public, Charities, NGO’s, Volunteers and Businesses together throughout the world during ‘Crisis, Disaster and Emergency’ situations.
Avradel Ltd, produces monthly eMagazines showcasing ‘community flood groups, Charities and NGO’s around the world. Revenues raised by advertising in these eMagazines are shared equally with selected charities.

Avradel Ltd will be launching the ‘Avradel Flood Manual’ (AFL) on the 27th September 2017. This is a helpful guide designed for the public and businesses in the UK and can also be used abroad. Avradel Ltd are gathering all the lessons learned about flooding over the years and placing this information in the AFL. So, when an area is hit with flooding, the residents and businesses will be better prepared to minimise the risk to life and property.

Each entry placed in the AFL will be attributed to the individual, flood group, organisation or emergency service supplying the information.

The ‘Avradel Flood Manual’ is be available from the Avradel website.

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