CIWEM - The Chartered Institution of Water and Environmental

CIWEM is the leading international Royal Chartered professional body dedicated to the water and environment sector. We represent and support a community of thousands of members and organisations in 89 countries. All our members are dedicated to improving water and environmental management as well as associated social and cultural issues, for the benefit of the public.

CIWEM provides an extensive range of services leading the industry in developing technical excellence, which include: Training courses; events featuring top level speakers, debate and networking; round table meetings driving thought leadership and policy development; publications; and independent policy position papers, guidance and codes of practice, all founded on impartiality and the use of scientific evidence.

Since 1895 our members have been the leading practitioners in improving the quality and management of water and the environment. Through our professional expertise we provide valuable advice on policy and practice, giving independent guidance for government, academia, the media and the public. For our members we are the professional body of choice, setting standards and providing the expertise to drive the industry forward. Read more about the history of CIWEM.

As an independent charity we champion professional standards, impartiality and the use of scientific evidence in the management of the environment. The public benefits of these activities are:

-Qualified professional water and environmental managers.
-Development and promotion of the highest standards of professional expertise and conduct.
-Protection of the public from pollution, environmental destruction and natural hazards by our members.
-Application of scientific rigour to ensure the best outcomes for society now and in the future.

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