Water News Europe

Water News Europe provides news for international water companies.

Water News Europe is independent online news medium for the European water sector. Our freelance journalists report on water issues in different Member States. We provide reports on topics related to European water legislation like the Water Framework Directive or the Drinking Water Directive.

On our website you will also find articles about interesting technological innovations and business opportunities all over Europe. We are covering the results of European environmental and water projects and share the latest insights of non-governmental organisations like UN Water, OECD and WBSCD.

And last but least: we are helping international water organisations and companies in the different Member States find each other. Water News Europe provides links to national water media and key organisations in Brussels. Companies who are seeking to do business in Europe can present themselves on Water News Europe in order to gain access to the European market. And water professionals can look for new international water jobs through our media partner Global Water Jobs.

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