Bart Zondag


Bart has many years background in the survey world. Coming from +20 years IT experience as developer, project manager and architect, Bart started developing software and initiated a company for seabed mapping for dredging companies.

As manager and chief pilot, Bart managed an aerial survey company with 10 aircraft and some 40 FTE’s for aerial survey from the most northern part of Finland to the most southerly part of Africa.

With the new era of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) Bart started a new company, GeoInspect Ltd, delivering aerial survey services to third parties.
With his background of LiDAR, GeoInspect started a partnership with YellowScan, a French manufacturer of UAV LiDAR sensors, to bring this technology to the market. Besides that

GeoInspect is a sales partner of YellowScan, Bart is also frequently asked by YellowScan to perform demos, Proof of Concepts and training for their products. Bart is member of YellowScan’s internal tech team.

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Using UAV LiDAR for Coastal Erosion

With the changing climate, rising water level, storms and hurricanes, coastal erosion is becoming a thread to infrastructure. As a partner of YellowScan, GeoInspect did a LiDAR survey over a Cariebean island. The area around the airport suffers heavily from erosion and a study was commissioned on how best to stop the erosion. It was for this study that an accurate 3D terrain model of the island was required. The survey could not be performed by creating a 3D model using photography (photogrammetry) alone since a lot of vegetation is present on the island.