Dr Crystal Moore

Flood Forecasting Centre

Crystal is Head of the Flood Forecasting Centre (FFC), a partnership between the Environment Agency and Met Office. Appointed in 2012, she’s led the centre during a period of historically extreme floods. These include the wettest UK summer and winter on record (2012 and 2013 respectively), the most significant coastal flooding for a generation, the highest ever recorded groundwater levels and a conveyor of 12 storms which caused prolonged, widespread and severe flooding during the winter of 2013/14. This record breaking pattern persisted in 2015/16 when communities in the north of England were devastated by 2 extreme floods within 20 days.
Prior to joining the FFC her roles have included environmental impact management, operations management, incident management and leading strategy and change. She also led the Environment Agency’s national resilience arrangements for the Olympic and Paralympic games. A strong advocate of collaboration, she enjoys stimulating science to bridge knowledge gaps.

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Forecasting for severe impacts to enable effective decision making

The UK is a very flood prone nation. Sitting at a weather cross roads we experience severe flood impacts as high energy air masses release large amounts of rainfall into often very small catchments or densely populated areas. The presentation will cover recent improvements, innovations in our pipeline and an invitation to attendees to collaborate on the gaps still left to close in flood forecasting.