Dr Jatinder Singh Mehmi

Environment Agency

Jatinder is a Principal Social Scientist at the Environment Agency where he undertakes research and provides social scientific advice. Currently leading on Flood Coastal Risk Management issues, he has examined the demographic and behavioural characteristics of target groups for flood campaigns, explored real time flood recovery and currently supports work on exploring flood risk concepts.
Previously, he conducted research into how environmental regeneration can lead to social, health and economic benefits.
He has been the technical lead for Climate Change, Sustainable Development and Environment Assessment for Yorkshire & Humber and the North East.
Prior to joining the Environment Agency, Jatinder worked within the waste management field, implementing recycling systems at a household and commercial scale and embedding sustainable development practices in the retail sector and local authorities.
He has doctorate in a combined discipline of artificial intelligence and waste management practices in developing countries, in addition to three other degrees.

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Exploring ways to measure Community Flood Resilience and Recovery

Community flood resilience and recovery are terms that have multiple meaning depending on the roles and responsibilities of the agencies involved in these activities. This makes it challenging to measure these concepts. The seminar explores how these terms are defined and conceptualised which provides a basis to start to understand how they can be measured. Issues such spatial scale, data sets and indicators for resilience and recovery are discussed.