Eddie Malone and Sarah Marriott

Department for International Trade and UK Flood Partnership

Eddie Malone
Eddie has worked for the Department for International Trade (DIT) for fifteen years, with substantial postings to India and China. He has led teams in developing sector strategies, delivered major visits and events in both these markets, including the British Prime Minister, David Cameron in December 2013. Eddie now leads the Construction and Water Sectors for DIT, working with DIT staff in overseas markets to identify opportunities, and with British industry to develop the UK offer for those opportunities.

Sarah Marriott
Sarah Marriott is a freelance Management Consultant, having been in the flood sector for 11 years. She is Executive Director of The UK Flood Partnership (UKFP), a membership-based organisation focusing on industry coordination and collaboration, driving export opportunities for the flood sector. By bringing together key public and private sector stakeholders, Sarah and her team at UKFP are proactively promoting greater innovation, industry investment and cross-sector partnership-building.

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Promoting UK Export Opportunities in Flood Resilience and Coastal Protection

A brief overview of how the Department for International Trade and UK Flood Partnership are working together to promote export of UK flood resilience products and services. This will be followed by a Q&A session.