Fred Dahl


Fred Dahl, Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, AquaFence.
Mr. Dahl is a Master of Science of the Norwegian Institute of Technology and an MBA of the University of California Los Angeles.
He has over 30 years experience in management of change, process and product development and delivery across industries and countries.
He has worked for Hewlett Packard (USA & Norway), Toyota Motor Corporation (Japan), Citibank (Switzerland, UK, Luxembourg and Asia) and Esso (Norway).
Since 2008 he has managed the delivery of AquaFence solutions on more than 100 projects globally.
This has included new products & solutions spanning from 1.2 to 2.7 meter protection as well as new, unique products that can secure openings in less than three minutes.
The projects cover: Factory perimeter protection; factory recovery (install in water);
community perimeter protection; nuclear power plant - critical equipment protection inside buildings; Port and Transportation Authorities - critical infrastructure protection;
critical warehouse access points protection; perimeter and access point protection of both residential and commercial high rises; and water diversion during operational river tunnel reconstruction.
The total value of the risks protected in this period exceeds USD12 billion.

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Temporary flood barriers built to meet specific case needs

Traditionally the world has looked at sandbags as the only temporary alternative to Permanent flood barriers. During the last years there have been multiple new temporary flood barriers launched. Many have been built by good practitioners but only some has been certified and tested. Even today most tenders asking for temporary flood barriers show a lack of knowledge of the key parameters ensuring a good performing temporary flood barrier in floods after floods. Water is a difficult media. Where the flood comes, how high it comes and what kind of forces it brings, will be different every time. However, the leaders in temporary flood barriers today have such know how that they can with precision build their solution to the specific case need of protection.