Ian Gibbs


Ian Gibbs is an experienced chartered building surveyor working as Technical Manager for Sedgwick, formerly Cunningham Lindsey. He has worked in the insurance industry for over 20 years and has been involved in restoring flood damaged properties resulting from all major flood events during this time period. He has played an important role in the design of the Building Research Establishment’s (BRE) flood resilient house project and is currently leading the task group on the resilience of small businesses as part of DEFRA’s resilience round table.

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Flood restoration and resilience: the future

Despite industry focus on flood restoration and resilience, there has been very little change in current market practice in recent years. Ian will explain why, and will look at exciting opportunities the future holds to disrupt this practice based on the deeper understanding we have of the resilience of materials. He will also discuss how low cost resilience measures can be employed in the reinstatement of flood damaged properties.