Joanna Bradley

SDS Limited

Before joining SDS, Jo spent 25 years at the Environment Agency where she most latterly focused on urban stormwater management, particularly on highway runoff and sustainable drainage solutions.
She has a wealth of knowledge and experience in all aspects of pollution prevention and a passion for raising awareness of the impact pollutants can have, in particular focusing on non-regulated business sectors such as retail petrol forecourts, the construction sector, mine water discharges and urban pollution.
Jo has delivered, and continues to deliver in her current role, many presentations to a broad spectrum of audiences and has written a number of national pollution prevention guidance documents on subjects including private sewage treatment and oil water separators. As a national lead on these two topics she has worked closely with industry representatives, local and central government and multiple trade bodies.

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Calling time on surface water runoff pollution.

Flood policy and interventions have tended to focus on preventing the devastation caused by surface water flows and volumes, rather than the insidious and often invisible hazards caused by the pollution carried in the water. Yet, when it rains heavily, hazardous pollutants are washed off impervious surfaces into the sewer network, as well as into rivers, streams and groundwaters. Should we be doing more to tackle this growing problem?