John McGurk


John is an experienced designer with almost 20 years experience working for a range of commercial clients. However, it was after viewing the devastating impact of the 2012/13 floods in the UK and seeing the thousands of people simply ‘caught out’ by the speed of the flooding, that John started a new project, developing a new concept for a self-deploying flood barrier.

Like any other project, research was carried out on the problem and existing solutions before work began developing the new barrier – this time John was the client (possibly the most demanding one yet)

It was an arduous but rewarding R&D phase that refined the product, requiring the utilisation of new materials and manufacturing processes to achieve the level of performance required in real world situations.

Therefore, it is with great pride that the first product of the AutoFloodguard™ range will be on display at this year’s FloodExpo.

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Are all manual flood barrier systems inherently flawed?

With the instances of flooding events increasing and the areas impacted becoming more random, does the advance warning and preparation time required for manual flood barrier systems to be deployed render them obsolete in the future fight against flooding?