Paul Laidlaw

Scottish Flood Forum: SCO 43783

Paul has over 15 years’ experience in the fields of housing, policy development, community engagement, development and empowerment promoting participation and public engagement in decision making. As Community Resilience Manager for the SFF Paul engages with flood risk communities by deploying a range of methods and approaches to stimulate engagement at the grassroots level to work with responsible flood risk management authorities. Paul has profiled over 40 community flood resilience groups in Scotland looking at their needs, successes and plans for the future as a basis to provide dedicated support and consider the question; is there social value in flood risk aware resilient communities and how can we measure this?

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Perspectives on engaging flood risk communities, stories and views from Scotland.

This seminar will outline the role of the Scottish Flood Forum (SFF) in supporting flood risk communities and responsible authorities in Scotland. It will outline some of the challenges, successes and benefits of engaging effectively with at risk communities by looking at recent examples of work in Scotland. There will be an opportunity to share learning and experiences and discuss a pilot good practice framework currently being developed to support engagement with flood risk communities.