Simon Crowther

Flood Protection Solutions Ltd

Simon Crowther set up his company – Flood Protection Solutions Ltd – 6 years ago whilst at University studying Civil Engineering. Flood Protection Solutions has grown into one of UK’s leading flood defence companies. Simon is an award-winning engineer and was included on the Forbes 30 Under 30 List in 2018 for his work in the flood protection industry.
Simon has been a key driver helping to move the industry forward, trying to ensure more cost effective and environmentally friendly systems are used instead of sandbags.
His vision is for a safer, better connected world, using technology and engineering to our advantage whilst respecting the environment. He actively looks to help residents, businesses and councils improve their response to emergency flood situations, thus helping reduce the damage that flooding causes.

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Is the Flood Protection Industry Heading in the Right Direction?

Simon Crowther, a 2007 flood victim, and award-winning engineer shares his experience of the flood protection industry, looking at what is being done well, along with where improvements are required. Increased awareness and education of flood risk are hugely important. Simon has a strong focus on working with communities and believes this could be key to helping improve the country’s flood resilience.