Stuart Barbrook

Environment Agency

I’ve more than 20 years’ experience in the engineering sector with the majority of that time being in FCRM roles at the Environment Agency. I’ve held a number of positions at the EA, initially starting in a more operational role however I’ve been a Project Manager for over 10 years managing some conventional and not so conventional FCRM projects. Some projects have been particularly challenging however I have built up a significant amount of experience in that time developing strategies and delivering coastal works on the dynamic east coast.

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Wash East Coastal Management Strategy – Overcoming funding challenges

The Wash Shoreline Management Plan (2010) identified prior to the current Partnership Funding process that defences on the eastern side of the Wash were unlikely to attract national funding for on-going future maintenance. The Wash East Coastal Management Strategy aspired to identify options for future management of flood and erosion risk to local communities with the key challenge being to identify how future maintenance and capital schemes could be funded.