Susanne Pinnock or Ron Grover

The Flood Experts

The Flood Experts are Ron Grover and Susanne Pinnock. Ron is an established inventor whose first business specialised in basement water proofing and water re-direction works. He has a deep knowledge of both construction and flooding. Susanne is an entrepreneur and consultant who has previously launched and managed two award-winning business start- ups. Together they formed The Flood Experts to develop innovative products which address flood challenges in a simple, effective and affordable way. This year they are bringing the DoorShield™ domestic flood barrier to market. The DoorShield™ has been awarded a BSI Kitemark and will be offered with a ten year, renewable guarantee. True to their mission to offer the homeowner clarity, affordability and dependability they publish their full Kitemark test results online.

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A dry home – searching for a simple, sustainable, affordable approach

Why don’t homeowners in flood areas invest in flood protection? The team from The Flood Experts, contend that too few products offer the homeowner everything they need. Seepage rates are unclear (often because they are high), and product warranties tend to be short. Come and hear the story of their journey to develop a high-performance, long-lasting and affordable domestic flood barrier.