Tom Fletcher and Amy Pearce

StARR Project & Environment Agency

Tom Fletcher
Tom works for the Environment Agency in the Devon, Cornwall and Isles of Scilly Area. He leads a team specialising in developing and funding major strategic partnership projects that have Flood Risk Management at their core, but also deliver other important social, economic and environmental outcomes. His varied career background has been important in how he develops and achieves funding for projects. He has worked as a geography and ecology lecturer for the Field Studies Council, he has worked on delivering management planning for Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty and National Parks, he developed and delivered the £7 million Tamar Valley Mining Heritage Project, he has worked for different Local Authorities and has recently had a core role in successfully attracting over £25million in funding for the St Austell Bay Resilient Regeneration (StARR) Project. He believes working with the communities is vital in achieving successful projects.

Amy Pearce
Amy has worked for the Environment Agency in the Devon, Cornwall and Scilly Area for 13 years. She joined the Flood Resilience Engagement team in 2014, and now specialises in working with communities at high risk of flooding, to help them become more resilient in a flood event. Working alongside key community members, she provides training and support in the development of Community Flood Groups and helps them to develop robust flood plans. In addition she has been instrumental into developing a Flood Awareness programme within schools to raise awareness of flood risk to the next generation. Amy has worked alongside the Par and St Blazey flood group from the beginning of the StARR project, having a particular interest in the area as it is her home. As a result in her deep involvement in her home community Amy now serves as a Town councillor for St Blazey.

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Ingredients for attracting external funding to Flooding Projects by ensuring the involvement of the local community.

There will be an introduction to the St Austell Bay Resilient Regeneration (StARR) Project and illustration of the practical steps taken to get to where we are today. There will be information on how Project worked with the local flood forum and wardens to build upon their links with the local community. This in turn allowed the Project team to encourage the involvement from other partners/funders and ultimately make a strong case for funding.